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How To Submit Videos

We don't care who you are or what your background is. If you want to submit a video and follow the rules then we are happy to consider it. If we then choose to use your video on our site we will pay you $200.

There are a few rules that you must follow in order to have your video considered. Please also read the tips section further down this page.

Rule 1 - The video must include a cumshot that we can clearly see.

Rule 2 - Anyone shown on the video must complete this MODEL RELEASE and e-mail us a Photo ID (sample is shown here). Failure to do so means we will not consider your video.

Rule 3 - Once we pay for your video we own the rights to it and can use it as we see fit. In addition you are not allowed to use the video anywhere yourself.

Rule 4 - You don't have to edit your video, just shoot the raw footage and send it to us with the relevant documents.

Rule 5 - The guy can hide his face in the video if he wishes but the girl cannot - the girl's expressions are what CFNM is all about!

If you have any questions, just e-mail us on


Follow these tips to give your video the best chance of being considered.

1. Make sure the girl is bubbly! Whether it's a friend of yours or someone you've hired to do a scene with you, make sure she is fun and finds CFNM exciting.

2. The more girls in your video the better!

3. Make sure the video is lit well enough for us to see what is going on clearly.

4. Make sure there is plenty of talking by the girl - quiet scenes are the most boring.

5. Make sure it doesn't go on too long. Unless you are the Martin Scorsese of CFNM film-making the chances are that the longer the video, the more boring - 10-15 minutes is ideal.